Miguel Soler

After a long career as Creative Director and Designer, Miguel created Solo Guitars in 2015 with the single purpose of combining his passions: product design, marketing and guitar building. For the very first time, all those disciplines came together to create a new, unique product and its brand, a new brand and its product.
Miguel is a self-taught guitar maker. He has devoured some invaluable books where luthiers summarized their true expertise as well as attended on-line training sessions from Carlos Busquiel. Besides, working from intuition and based upon his solid design formation he has devised his own methodology which continuously keeps improving, pursuing high quality and consistent results, with narrower tolerances delivered in smaller timeframes. Miguel keeps also an eye on social media, scouting for the secrets of generous builders who, day after day, don’t hesitate to share some insights of their processes.
Miguel believes that ingenuity, curiosity and eagerness are the best ingredients of innovation.
Miguel, who finds Solo Guitars as a journey of great personal enrichment that combines technology with craftsmanship, pretends to constantly evolve in order to bring different, honest and sustainable musical instruments.

Javier de Bona

Although Javier completed his studies of aerospace engineering, he works, however, as a filmmaker and freelance photographer. He found out his two passions -guitar and photography- in his teens. He thinks that those two interests are rather two universes that englobes a whole bunch of disciplines, art and know-how.
The guitar is heading the line-up of the world of music, acoustics, HiFi, song-writing and composition, metaphors and poetry, harmony, rhythm, melody, sensations and feelings. Photography brings about videography, film, the logarithmic response of human senses, visual equilibrium and aesthetics, architecture, design, typography and good taste. And -yes of course- the intersection of the aforementioned universes is a very full set.
Javier’s guitar making background dates back to his first readings of “La Guitarra Española” from José Villar Rodríguez but most especially, is founded upon the building of his first guitar in 2012, thank to José Antonio Cerezo, taking lessons from Arturo Sanzano in Glissando, the guitar making school in Madrid.